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Below you will find emails and banners you can use to promote Football Multiplier.

We recommend sending at least 3 promotional emails to make the best profits from this betting product.

The main offer will sell for either £15 a month or £67 a Year. While the upsell will sell for £37.

Affiliates earn 50% commissions on all sales.

The affiliate link you need is below. Simply change XXXXX to your Clickbank username.

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We have a selection of emails with high open and click rates below. Simply paste the code into your email newsletter and replace XXXXX with your Clickbank affiliate code. Also replace NAME and YOUR NAME.

You can send emails from 9:00 GMT on Tuesday 1st November this is when the sales page will be live. 

  • Email 1

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  • Email 3

  • Email 4 - Send Friday

  • Email 5

  • Email 6 

  • Closer Email - Send Sunday

  • Bonus Email 1

  • bonus Email  2

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We have a selection of banners below. Simply paste the code into your website and replace XXXXX with your clickbank affiliate code.

Banner 1 -728 x 90:

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Banner 2 -300 x 250

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Banner 3 -300 x 250B:

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